Xtended Hydraulics & Machine Inc.

We offer a full range of custom machine and fabrication work. Our shop has both CNC and manual machines, a weld/fab area, heavy-duty mechanics, as well as our own industrial hard chrome tank (great for custom chrome jobs). Xtended Hydraulics & Machine Inc. specializes in Hydraulic cylinder manufacturing and repair , but also offers a full range of on-site services from Portable milling and line boring to certified Automotive lift inspections.

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Xtended Hydraulics & Machine is your one stop shop for a full range of services from design to fabrication , our skilled staff can help you with almost anything you need . Our shop has everything from large modern CNC equipment for manufacturing to one off repair jobs and everything is done in house right here at our facility keeping cost low and quality high . Specializing in Hydraulic cylinders from heavy industrial to agriculture and mobil equipment, of all sizes and types.   We also offer on-site services, our capable Indusrial mechanics do all types of field repairs as well as portable milling capabilities and line boring. Xtended is also Saskatchewans only ALI certified automotive lift inspectors offering, annual inspections, repair and sales .We choose to make customer service our priority, and in doing so, specialize in “rush jobs”.

We take pride in being one of Saskatchewan’s only Aboriginal/Metis owned and operated custom machine and fabrication shops. Xtended Hydraulics and Machine is a proud member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business. We are ISO and ISNetworld certified.

We recognize that the services and product we supply are only as good as the employees that do the work. Our owner and general manager, Rob Tebb, is keen on developing and retaining our workforce. Rob is a long-time supporter of the apprenticeship program. As well, we are pleased to send our support to programs/organizations such as: Regina district industry education council and Skills Canada Saskatchewan’s skills competition. Two of our current employees competed at the national level for machining. We see nothing but steady growth in the future and have plans for expansion to accommodate.  
We look forward to and appreciate the opportunity to work with your company. 

Certifications: ISO, ISN Net

Certification Details: ISO 9001:2008

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Head Office

31 Carson Crescent
Emerald Park, Saskatchewan   S4L0E6

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Robert Tebb
(306) 775-3176 • (306) 535-3503 • (306) 775-3233 robt@xtended.ca
Additional Location #1

31 Carson Crescent
Emerald Park, Saskatchewan   S4L 0E6

(306) 775-3136 • (306) 535-3503 • (306) 775-3233

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Technical Capability Summary
Building Finishing - Fitted Furniture & Equipment

Photographic Processing


Industrial Machinery Industrial Machinery - Installation Industrial Machinery - Service Industrial Machinery - Supply Millwright Millwright - Install Millwright - Supply Tanks Tanks - Design Tanks - Engineering Tanks - External Tanks - Internal


Equipment Maintenance Oil & Gas Operations and Maintenance

Conventional oil and gas Engineering

Automation Mechanical - Pumps Mechanical - Tanks Mechanical - Vessels

Electrical - Electrical Equipment

Power Skid


Automotive Lifts

Heavy Equipment

Industrial and Oilfield - Design Industrial and Oilfield - Engineering Industrial Machinery - Design Industrial Machinery - Engineering Mining Mining - Design Mining - Engineering Parts - Heavy Equipment Repair Services - Heavy Equipment Repair Services - Portable Line Boring

Instrumentation & Electrical

Aboriginal – Metis and First Nations inclusion program Equipment, Industrial Equipment, Industrial - Design Equipment, Industrial - Engineering Equipment, Industrial - Installation Equipment, Industrial - Service Equipment, Industrial - Supply

Light Vehicles

Custom Machinery Modifications

Mechanical & Piping

General Mechanical General Mechanical - Design General Mechanical - Engineering General Mechanical - Installation General Mechanical - Service General Mechanical - Supply Parts - Mechanical & Piping Parts - Mechanical & Piping - Design Parts - Mechanical & Piping - Engineering Parts - Mechanical & Piping - Installation Parts - Mechanical & Piping - Service Parts - Mechanical & Piping - Supply Pipe - Couplings Pipe - Couplings - Design Pipe - Couplings - Engineering Pipe - Couplings - Installation Pipe - Couplings - Service Pipe - Couplings - Supply Pipe - Steel Pipe - Steel - Design Pipe - Steel - Engineering Pipe - Steel - Installation Pipe - Steel - Service Pipe - Steel - Supply Process Piping Work Process Piping Work - Design Process Piping Work - Engineering Process Piping Work - Installation Process Piping Work - Service Process Piping Work - Supply Valves Valves - Design Valves - Engineering Valves - Installation Valves - Service Valves - Supply

Metal Fabrication

CWB A660 CWB W186M CWB W47.1 CWB W47.1S CWB W47.2 CWB W55.3 CWB W59 Non CWB


Mining Services & Underground Development Mining Services & Underground Development - Design Mining Services & Underground Development - Engineering Steel Fabrication Steel Fabrication - chutes & ducts Steel Fabrication - grizzlies Steel Fabrication - hoppers Steel Fabrication - pump boxes Steel Fabrication - tanks

Mining Engineering


Mining Equipment

2 Rotor & 4 Rotor Boring Machines 2 Rotor & 4 Rotor Boring Machines - Bits 2 Rotor & 4 Rotor Boring Machines - Conveyor Chains 2 Rotor & 4 Rotor Boring Machines - Cover Caps 2 Rotor & 4 Rotor Boring Machines - Guides 2 Rotor & 4 Rotor Boring Machines - Sprockets Continuous Mining Machines Ground Support Equipment Ground Support -Roof Bolters Hard and Soft Rock Hydraulic Cylinders Material Handling - flop gates Material Handling - slide gates Process Equipment - Mining Process Equipment - Mining - Design Process Equipment - Mining - Engineering Process Equipment - Screens Roadheaders Roadheaders - Conveyor Chains Roadheaders - Footshafts Roadheaders - Headshafts Tunneling Machines Tunneling Machines - Conveyor Chains Tunneling Machines - Footshafts Tunneling Machines - Headshafts Undercutter Machine Undercutter Machine - Sprockets Undercutter Machine - Undercutter Bar Undercutter Machine - Undercutter Bits Undercutter Machine - Undercutter Chain Undercutter Machine - Wear Strips

Non Conventional oil and gas Engineering



Construction Maintenance

Professional and Specialized Services

Custom Machinery Modifications Cutting Assembly Design & Rework Cutting Assembly Design & Rework - Boring Machines Cutting Assembly Design & Rework - Continuous Mining Machines Cutting Assembly Design & Rework - Roadheaders Cutting Assembly Design & Rework - Tunneling Machines General Engineering - Mechanical Machine Automation Mechanical/Engineering - Retrofit


Pumps - Supply & Repair




Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuild and Manufacture Industrial Coatings Industrial Coatings - Shop Industrial Hard Chrome Plating Maintenance Maintenance - General Mining Services & Underground Development Preventative Maintenance Preventative Maintenance - General Preventative Maintenance - Mechanical Pumps - Supply & Repair Repair Services - Heavy Equipment


Heat Treat Capabilities Heat Treat Capabilities - Induction Heat Treat Capabilities - Machinery Steels Heat Treat Capabilities - Quench and Temper Heat Treat Capabilities - Tool Steels Horizontal and Vertical Mills Horizontal Boring Mills Hydraulic Hose & Fittings Light Vehcile Equipment Mechanical Rebuilds Mechanical Rebuilds - Gearboxes Mechanical Rebuilds - Testing Mining machine consumables - wear parts Mining machine consumables - wear parts - Conveyor Chains Mining machine consumables - wear parts - Trim chain guides Mining machine consumables - wear parts - Trim chain sprockets Mining machine cutting components Mining machine cutting components - Toolholders Mining machine cutting components - Tooling Mining machine cutting components - Trim chains Mobile Equipment Oils & Lubricants Parts - Heavy Equipment Parts - Light Vehicles Parts - Mechanical & Piping Pipe - Couplings Pipe - Couplings - Gas Pipe - Couplings - Water & Sewer Pipe - HDPE Pipe - HDPE - Fittings Pipe - Steel Portable Line Boring Process Equipment - Mining Process Equipment - Mining - Design Process Equipment - Mining - Engineering Process Equipment - Screens Process Equipment - Screens - Design Process Equipment - Screens - Engineering Pumps - Pneumatic Pumps - Pneumatic - Design Pumps - Pneumatic - Engineering Steel - Sheet Metal Steel - Structural Steel - Structural - Design Steel - Structural - platforms Steel - Structural - structural steel Tanks Tanks - Design Tanks - Engineering Tanks - material grade Tanks - standard - atmospheric, API 650 or pressure vessel Tool Kits Turning Boring Threading Turning Boring Threading - Horizontal Turning Boring Threading - Vertical


Mining Services & Underground Development Mining Services & Underground Development - Bins Mining Services & Underground Development - Conveyors Mining Services & Underground Development - Design Mining Services & Underground Development - Engineering Mining Services & Underground Development - Steel


Aluminum CWB Certified Compressed gas Compressed gas - acetylene Compressed gas - nitrogen Inline galvanized welding Inline galvanized welding - AWSD1.1 Inline galvanized welding - CWB W47.1 Welding Service Welding Service - Alloy Steel Welding Service - ASME Welding Service - Carbon Steel Welding Service - CWB Welding Service - TSASK

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