Smart Power Systems Corp.

Smart Power Systems is a Saskatchewan based generator rental and repair provider. We pride ourselves in offering top of the line equipment from 6kw to 500 kw in all voltages. We offer equipment in diesel, propane, natural gas, or bi-fuel, and all units are equipped with full spill containment and satellite communication. We offer 24/7 dispatch for both rental items and repair and service of customer owned unit.

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Our generators are equipped with full spill containment, long run on board fuel (up to two weeks), and satellite communications to monitor performance remotely.

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Head Office

PO Box 713
Estevan, Saskatchewan   S4A 2A6

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Trevor Goetz
(306) 421-2333
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Heavy Equipment

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Mobile Equipment Oilfield Equipment & Maintenance Rentals - Lifts/Light Towers/Generators

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