Clifton Engineering Group Inc.

Clifton is an award-winning engineering and environmental consultancy.

We combine our technical expertise with the ingenuity and pragmatism of our prairie roots to develop sustainable and cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Clifton was founded in 1978 by four visionary engineers who set out to create a different kind of consultancy. They would harness local cutting- edge research and resources to deliver world-class engineering and environmental solutions. The firm would be client-centric, devoted to understanding the genuine needs and long-term goals of clients. The team would imagine and deliver customized, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions tailored to each client’s unique circumstances.

We are now one of the largest independent engineering firms in Western Canada, delivering projects in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, and the Territories. Our interdisciplinary teams provide innovative, best-value solutions to a range of challenges involving earth, water, and the physical environment.

We value people and are committed to the health and safety of all who are touched by the scope of our work. Our long-standing relationships with many significant clients is a testament to the quality of our work.

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Technical Capability Summary

Carbon reduction consulting


Testing Testing - Aggregate Testing - CCIL Testing - Compaction Testing - Compression Testing - Grout


Railroad Construction


Agricultural Biological Business Development Environmental Services Forestry Management - Construction Management - Project Mining Mining - Design Mining - Engineering Oil & Gas Operations and Maintenance - Design Oil & Gas Operations and Maintenance - Engineering Quality Assurance/Quality Control Quality Assurance/Quality Control - Asphalt Quality Assurance/Quality Control - Concrete Quality Assurance/Quality Control - Engineering Quality Assurance/Quality Control - Soils Regulatory Regulatory - Environmental Regulatory - Permitting Strategy Development - Detail Design Strategy Development - Feasibility Studies

Conventional oil and gas Engineering

Civil Civil - Culverts Civil - Drainage Civil - Roads Railroad Railroad - MRQ Mgmt Structural - Concrete Water Treatment - Pond Design


Environmental Services Environmental Services - Engineering Environmental Services - Permitting Environmental Services - Technicians Monitoring


Laboratory - Aggregate Laboratory - Asphalt Laboratory - CCIL Laboratory - Concrete Laboratory - Soils


Forestry Consulting - Mapping Forestry Consulting - Road Design

Heavy Equipment

Mining - Design Mining - Engineering Mining - Quality Assurance Mining - Quality Control Mining - Survey Roadwork Maintenance or Construction - Design Roadwork Maintenance or Construction - Engineering Roadwork Maintenance or Construction - Survey Roadwork Maintenance or Construction - Testing

Instrumentation & Electrical

Industrial - Design Industrial - Engineering Solar, Wind and Green Energy Projects

Mechanical & Piping

Pipe - HDPE - Design Pipe - HDPE - Engineering


Mining Services & Underground Development - Design Mining Services & Underground Development - Engineering

Mining Engineering

Buildings - Culverts Buildings - Drainage Buildings - Roads Carbon capture Civil Railroad Railroad - Concrete Railroad - Steel Structural - Pond Design Structural - Process Water Mgmt Structural - Waste Water Water Treatment - T&D

Non Conventional oil and gas Engineering

Civil Civil - Culverts Civil - Drainage Civil - Roads railroad Structural Structural - Concrete Structural - Steel


Construction - Materials Testing Construction - Quality Assurance Construction - Quality Control Construction - Survey Engineering Engineering - Civil Lease and Pipeline Construction - Mobile - Abandonment Lease and Pipeline Construction - Mobile - Engineering Lease and Pipeline Construction - Mobile - Materials Testing Lease and Pipeline Construction - Mobile - Remediation Lease and Pipeline Construction - Mobile - Survey

Professional and Specialized Services

Asset Mgmt - Field Inspections Asset Mgmt - Roads Civil Engineering Community Engagement Construction mgmt - Contract Mgmt Construction mgmt - QC Mgmt Construction mgmt - Subcontractor Mgmt Engineering, Procurment & Construction Management (EPCM) - Design Engineering, Procurment & Construction Management (EPCM) - Quality Control Environmental Services Environmental Services - Geohazard Environmental Services - Geomatic Environmental Services - Geotechnical Environmental Services - Materials Testing Field Engineering - ITPs Field Engineering - Turnover Field Engineering - Walk Downs General Engineering General Engineering - Civil Legal Permitting Permitting - EIA Permitting - Expert Witness Permitting - Regulatory Pipeline Engineering - Brine/Water Project Mgmt services Project Mgmt services - Quality Mgmt Remote Sensing of pipelines Remote Sensing of pipelines - Desk top GIS studies Remote Sensing of pipelines - Satellite Data Remote Sensing of pipelines - UAV Safety auditing - Air Quality testing Structural Engineering - Concrete


Pumps - Dewatering - Engineering

Rail - Overhead Line Electrification

Overhead Line Electrification - Construction Overhead Line Electrification Full SC exc Materials

Rail - Permanent Way

Permanenet Way Full SC exc Materials Permanent Way - Construction

Rail - Rail Communications

Rail Communications - Construction

Rail - Rail Power

Rail Power - Construction

Rail - Rail Signalling

Rail Signalling - Construction


Environmental - Containment - Design Environmental - Containment - Engineering Environmental - Containment - Inspections Environmental - Containment - Retrofit Environmental - Liners - Design Environmental - Liners - Engineering Environmental - Liners - Inspections Environmental - Liners - Retrofit


Aerial - Drones Aerial - GIS Aerial - Mapping General General - Construction General - Drones General - GIS


Soils Soils - Aggregate Soils - Compaction Soils - Moisture


Shaft Sinking - Engineering Shaft Sinking - Quality Control

Waste Management

Septic Waste - Design Septic Waste - Engineering Wastewater Treatment, Collection or Recycling - Design Wastewater Treatment, Collection or Recycling - Engineering

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