Feral Peril Wildlife and Pest Control Inc.

Feral Peril Wildlife & Pest Control provides professional wildlife removal services and specialized cleaning services in and around Saskatchewan. Whether it is a mine-shaft that needs to be cleaned thoroughly or a Pigeon infestation that needs to be controlled, our certified wildlife technicians always deliver humane, effective, professional and efficient wildlife control services every time.

Feral Peril Wildlife & Pest Control is independent from product suppliers and our recommendations are solely in the best interest of our clients. We won’t sell you dangerous or ineffective pest control methods or lock you into long term monthly service agreements. Our experience in the pest wildlife control industry has allowed us to guarantee a proven strategy to resolve your problems once and for all. We work directly with reputable companies, architects and engineers to provide customized solutions for the most challenging structures – our portfolio speaks for itself.

With our experience in the wildlife and pest control industry you can trust our staff and technician’s expertise with all your concerns.

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The thing that differentiates Feral Peril most and what makes it a truly unique supplier, is that Feral Peril Wildlife & Pest Control is the only wildlife and pest control company that is a certified diversity supplier by the Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Suppliers Council (CAMSC). 

Feral Peril Wildlife and Pest Control believes strongly that diversity is strength and is committed to maintaining a diverse workplace that reflects the diversity of the communities in which we live and service.  We firmly believe that empowerment through diversity makes us a better and stronger organization.  It is Feral Peril’s goal to support and promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

We are dedicated to improving workforce diversity and are active in helping give a voice to members of under-represented groups.

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628 Albert Street
Regina, Saskatchewan   S4R 2P3

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Carman Gosselin
(306) 522-1292 info@feralperil.ca
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