St. John Council for Saskatchewan Inc.

CPR and first aid save lives. As Canada's standard for excellence, St. John Ambulance offers innovative programs, products and initiatives aimed at improving the health and safety of Canadians. St. John Ambulance is a non-profit, charitable organization that invests the money raised through training courses into community programs offered throughout Saskatchewan.

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24 staff out of seven Training Centres located throughout the province

Programs available:

·         OHS Standard First Aid

·         Blended OHS Standard First Aid

·         Mental Health for the Workplace

·         Oxygen Administration

·         Advanced First Aid for Fire Fighters

·         Law Enforcement First Aid (LEFA)

·        Medical First Responder

  • ·         Over 70 Medical First Responder Volunteers
  • ·         More than 170 Therapy Dog Teams
  • ·         460 plus Instructors


·         Unmatched record of caring and making a difference for our communities across Saskatchewan

·         Revenues raised through our training and product sales divisions are used to support local community service initiatives.

·         In Canada, St. John is composed of a federation of Provincial councils.

·         St. John Saskatchewan Council was founded in 1911 and has been active ever since.

·         St. John operates seven training centres in major Saskatchewan municipalities

·         Networks of instructors and volunteers span the rest of the province

·         Programs that target people in all walks of life as safety is everyone’s concern.

·         Workplace first aid courses.

·         Personal Care Worker course for people who work with seniors and other individuals requiring care.

·         Medical First responders are available to provide first aid coverage for community events thus saving provincial costs associated with ER visits to hospitals etc.

·         St. John Therapy Dog teams are available to do visitations, bringing comfort, joy and companionship to members of the community who are sick, lonely, reside in long-term care and mental health facilities

·         Emergency Preparedness and response; St. John Ambulance plays a vital role in healthcare-related emergency preparedness and response across Saskatchewan.

·         Youth Services, Partner with Search and Rescue


More than 110 community events rely on St. John Medical First Aid Responders to provide

·         over 4500 hours of first aid coverage ensuring participant safety and mitigating injury when it occurs.

·         Over 3500 hours of St. John Therapy Dog visits are conducted by the volunteer teams

·         32.000 people are certified annually by St. John


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Head Office

2625 3rd Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan   S4T 0C8

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Gian Trogi
(306) 522-7226 • (306) 570-2336 • (306) 525-4177
Additional Location #1

301 Central Avenue
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan   S7N 2E9

(306) 343-0041 • (306) 934-2667

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Additional Location #2

1003-1st Avenue West
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan   S6V 4Y3

(306) 922-0888 • (306) 922-7117

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Additional Location #3

21-1st Avenue North
Yorkton, Saskatchewan   S3N 1J3

(306) 783-4544 • (306) 783-0199

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