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Cross Country Canada Supplies and Rentals is a Canadian owned Supply and Rentals company. We distribute industrial supplies to all types of industry and cater to the specific needs of the customer.

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Our supply division includes safety equipment, welding goods, rigging and tool supply.  Cross Country Canada also has a vast inventory of Geosynthetics. Included with the Supply of goods, Cross Country Canada has a rentals division which has heavy duty iron available for various projects. Cross Country Canada has a dewatering division which has a large supply of diversified pumping equipment to suit the many different dewatering needs.  Our Rail division is new, but comes with a long history of project experience. 

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Head Office

361 Saskatchewan Ave
Spruce Grove, Alberta   T7X 1A0

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Matt Krupski
(306) 522-4100 • (306) 580-5344
Additional Location #1

28 Cassie Bay Sherwood Industrial Park
Regina, Saskatchewan   S0G 5K0

(306) 522-4100 • (306) 536-9082

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Technical Capability Summary
Building Finishing - Signage

Exterior Signs Interior Signs


Facial masks Pipeline - Internal


Pumps - Pneumatic


Erosion Protection Erosion Protection - Silt Fence Fencing HDPE Pipe HDPE Pipe - Supply High Pressure Water Jetting High Pressure Water Jetting - Volume PSI Industrial Air Compressors Portable Water Treatment Railroad Construction Spray Foam Insulation Spray Foam Insulation - Buildings Supply - Geosynthetics Supply - Geosynthetics - Erosion Control Supply - Geosynthetics - Installation Service Supply - Geosynthetics - Subgrade Stabilization Supply - treated wood and piling



Conventional oil and gas Engineering

Mechanical - Pumps Railroad Railroad - MRQ Mgmt Water Treatment


Environmental - Containment Environmental - Geosynthetics Environmental - Liners Environmental - Liners - Installation Environmental - Liners - Supply

Equipment - Sales


Heavy Equipment

Rentals - Heavy Equipment

Highways - Traffic Signage

Traffic Signage

Instrumentation & Electrical

Industrial - Supply

Mechanical & Piping

Pipe - HDPE Pipe - HDPE - Supply Valves

Mining Engineering

Railroad Railroad - Concrete Railroad - Modules Railroad - Steel Water Treatment

Mining Equipment

Material Handling

Non Conventional oil and gas Engineering

Civil - Culverts Civil - Drainage Civil - Roads Mechanical - Pumps railroad Water Treatment


Construction Lease and Pipeline Construction - Mobile - Abandonment Lease and Pipeline Construction - Mobile - Remediation

Professional and Specialized Services

Pipeline Engineering - Brine/Water Pipeline Engineering - Design


Chemical Chemical - Diaphragm Chemical - Industrial Chemical - Municipal Chemical - Peristaltic Pumps - Dewatering Pumps - Dewatering - Design Pumps - Dewatering - Engineering Pumps - Fuel Pumps - Pneumatic Pumps - Supply & Repair Pumps - Supply & Repair - Design

Rail - Overhead Line Electrification

Overhead Line Electrification - Construction Overhead Line Electrification Full SC exc Materials Overhead Line Electrification Full SC inc Materials

Rail - Overhead Line Electrification - Materials

Overhead Line Electrification - Materials

Rail - Permanent Way

Permanenet Way Full SC exc Materials Permanenet Way Full SC inc Materials Permanent Way - Construction

Rail - Permanent Way - Materials

Permanent Way - Materials

Rail - Rail Communications

Rail Communications - Construction Rail Communications Full SC exc Materials Rail Communications Full SC inc Materials

Rail - Rail Communications - Materials

Rail Communications - Materials

Rail - Rail Power

Rail Power - Construction Rail Power Full SC exc Materials Rail Power Full SC inc Materials

Rail - Rail Power - Materials

Rail Power - Materials

Rail - Rail Signalling

Rail Signalling - Construction Rail Signalling Full SC exc Materials Rail Signalling Full SC inc Materials

Rail - Rail Signalling - Materials

Rail Signalling - Materials




Eye protection Fire Extinguishers - Sales & Repair Hand protection Personal Protective Equipment & General Supplies Respiratory protection


Blasting Drilling Services - Coring Industrial Coatings Industrial Coatings - Field Pipe Fusion Pipe Fusion - HDPE Pipe Fusion - Up to 20" DIPS Pipe Fusion - Up to 65" DIPS Pipe Fusion - Up to 6" DIPS Pumps - Supply & Repair Pumps - Supply & Repair - Chemical Injection Pumps - Supply & Repair - Diaphragm Repair Services - Hydraulic Pumps, Motors, Valves & Cylinders Seeding - Hydroseeding Spray Foam Insulation


General Supplies Hydraulic Hose & Fittings Industrial Hose & Fittings Personal Protective Equipment Pipe - Couplings Pipe - Couplings - Water & Sewer Pipe - HDPE Pipe - HDPE - Fittings Pipe - Steel Portable Water Treatment - Supply Power Tools Pumps - Dewatering Pumps - Dewatering - Design Pumps - Hydraulic


Welding Supplies

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