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Here at Goodman Steel Ltd, we take pride in our finished Fabricated and Machined products for a variety of industries. We look forward to serving both old and new customers with innovative ideas, new goals and continuous growth.

We aim to create a thriving industry that we are both proud of and inspired to always improve on. From engineering solutions, drafting & detailing, custom fabrication, machining, paint, tiling and blasting, we are ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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Our 11,250 square foot fabrication and processing facilities can capably service the needs of your business. We’re capable of handling nearly any size order.

Machine shop

Our 6500 square foot machine shop employs 14 machinists, welders and mechanics. We are able to machine to customer’s specifications. Our diverse experience spans many industries. We’re trained and experienced in working with most carbon, stainless, and alloy steels, as well as aluminum and plastic products.

Custom paint

Our fully heated and vented paint shop is capable of applying multiple coats of enamel, zinc primers, urethanes, and hi-build epoxies. All finished paint products go through a strict thickness test and blast profile.

Our blasting and paint facilities allow us to provide a complete and finished product that we can deliver right to our customers. We also offer tile lining for our fabricated products.

Goodman Steel maintains a high level of quality through superior standards and procedures, including regular inspection and reporting and a commitment to continual training and improvement.


In addition to our well-equipped paint and machine shops, our talented engineering team allows us to provide a full range of design and ancillary services. Our engineers are ASME certified for process and power piping and are registered members of APEGS. We offer the following engineering services:

  • Maintenance and repair support, including on- and off-site troubleshooting and repair, and scheduled maintenance planning.
  • Modifications to existing structures and equipment, including capacity upgrades, engineering analysis for walkways, platforms, and trusses on load-bearing structures, and engineered additions to load-bearing structures.
  • Structural design and engineering, from walkways and work platforms to load-bearing masts and frames.
  • Lifting apparatus services, including lifting lug and spreader bar design, lift plans, and winch, sheave, or wire rope selection for all types of projects.
  • Low and high-pressure piping systems engineering, such as piping and instrumentation diagrams, and custom engineered solutions conforming to ASME B31.1 and B31.3 standards.
  • OHS and CSA compliant safety equipment engineering, including engineered lifeline systems, tie-off points, and railing systems.
  • A full suite of drafting services including 3D modelling, fabrication-ready drawings, and stamped prints.
  • Custom engineering solutions, considered upon review of scope of work.

Other services

Goodman Steel is committed to providing a diverse range of specialized services aimed at maintaining and improving your productivity and uptime across many industrial verticals. In addition to our core services, we offer:

  • Pump repair
  • Parts manufacturing to OEM specifications or custom specifications
  • Design and manufacturing of cutting technology for horizontal miner boring machines.
  • Trim chain and bit block tooling plates manufacturing.

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Head Office

2020 Railway Avenue
Rocanville, Saskatchewan   S0A 3L0

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Jeff Nordquist
(306) 645-2207
Technical Capability Summary
Building Finishing - Painting & Wall Finishes

Epoxy Coatings Steel Coatings

Building Finishing - Specialty Rooms

Fabricated Engineered Structures


Bridge & Steel Building - Supply Cable Trays Cable Trays - Install Pre-Engineered Steel Structures Pre-Engineered Steel Structures - Design Pre-Engineered Steel Structures - Engineering Tanks - Coatings Tanks - Design Tanks - Engineering

Conventional oil and gas Engineering

Mechanical - Tanks Mechanical - Vessels Structural Structural - Steel

Mechanical & Piping

Mechanical - Sheet Work and Duct Work Mechanical - Sheet Work and Duct Work - Design Mechanical - Sheet Work and Duct Work - Engineering Mine Ventilation Parts - Mechanical & Piping Parts - Mechanical & Piping - Design Parts - Mechanical & Piping - Supply Pipe - Pressure Certified (T-Sask) Pipe - Pressure Certified (T-Sask) - Supply Pipe - Steel Pipe - Steel - Design Pipe - Steel - Supply Process Piping Work Process Piping Work - Design

Metal Fabrication

CWB W47.1 CWB W47.1S CWB W47.2 CWB W59


Steel Fabrication Steel Fabrication - chutes & ducts Steel Fabrication - grizzlies Steel Fabrication - hoppers Steel Fabrication - pump boxes Steel Fabrication - tanks

Mining Engineering


Mining Equipment

2 Rotor & 4 Rotor Boring Machines 2 Rotor & 4 Rotor Boring Machines - Bits 2 Rotor & 4 Rotor Boring Machines - Conveyor Chains 2 Rotor & 4 Rotor Boring Machines - Cover Caps 2 Rotor & 4 Rotor Boring Machines - Guides 2 Rotor & 4 Rotor Boring Machines - Sprockets Belt Winder Continuous Miner Continuous Mining Machines - Bits Continuous Mining Machines - Conveyor Chains Continuous Mining Machines - Footshafts Continuous Mining Machines - Headshafts Hydraulic Cylinders Material Handling - flop gates Material Handling - slide gates Material Handling - splitter gates Material Handling - trusses Process Equipment - Screens Roadheaders Roadheaders - Bits Roadheaders - Conveyor Chains Tunneling Machines - Bits Tunneling Machines - Conveyor Chains Tunneling Machines - Footshafts Tunneling Machines - Headshafts Undercutter Machine - Sprockets Undercutter Machine - Undercutter Bar Undercutter Machine - Undercutter Bits Undercutter Machine - Undercutter Chain Undercutter Machine - Wear Strips

Non Conventional oil and gas Engineering

Mechanical - tanks Mechanical - Vessels Structural

Professional and Specialized Services

3D Modelling Custom Machinery Modifications Structural Engineering - Steel Trim Chain Inspection & Rebuild


Pumps - Dewatering


Bit Removal Tools


Fabrication Industrial Coatings - Shop Painting Pumps - Supply & Repair Repair Services - Hydraulic Pumps, Motors, Valves & Cylinders


Bits - Trim Chains Conveyor Components - Mining machines Conveyor Components - Mining machines - Boring machines Conveyor Components - Mining machines - Continuous mining Machines Conveyor Components - Mining machines - Roadheaders Conveyor Components - Mining machines - Tunneling Machines Material Handling - Idlers, Pulleys, Complete Conveyor Systems & Components Mechanical Rebuilds Mechanical Rebuilds - Gearboxes Mine Ventilation Mining machine consumables - wear parts Mining machine consumables - wear parts - Conveyor Chains Mining machine consumables - wear parts - Trim chain guides Mining machine consumables - wear parts - Trim chain sprockets Mining machine cutting components Mining machine cutting components - Breaker Bits Mining machine cutting components - Toolholders Mining machine cutting components - Tooling Mining machine cutting components - Trim chains Pipe - Steel Power Transmission Products - Chain Drive Components Process Equipment - Screens Pumps - Dewatering Steel - Sheet Metal - dust collection Steel - Structural Steel - Structural - platforms Steel - Structural - structural steel Tanks - ASME Section IV Tanks - material grade Tanks - standard - atmospheric, API 650 or pressure vessel


Mining Services & Underground Development - Steel


Aluminum CWB Certified Welding Service Welding Service - Alloy Steel Welding Service - ASME Welding Service - Carbon Steel Welding Service - CWB Welding Service - TSASK

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